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Alla Koren was called to the Bar in Ontario in February of 1995. She completed her B.A. in philosophy, with a minor in anthropology at York University. She completed law school at the University of Windsor in 1993. 

During her law school studies, Alla Koren spent one semester of law school clerking for the Supreme Court of Northwest Territories. This invaluable experience was unique in many ways. Alla Koren continues to feel gratitude for having been selected to participate in this program. She learned the inside workings of the judicial system, having a close working relationship with the Judges of the Supreme Court of Northwest Territories. This experience allowed her to learn the manner in which a judge perceives a case from her or his perspective, the unspoken rules of conduct and expectations of the judiciary, the impact that a lawyer's conduct has on a case and many other invaluable insights into acting for a client in a meaningful and effective manner. The experience allowed Alla Koren to travel to the remote communities of the Northwest Territories (now Northwest Territories and Nunavut), including the Northern most community of Pond Inlet. She was able to meet the lawyers, judges, court staff and most importantly, the people who live in those communities. She gained a unique understanding of the issues facing the Native population of Canada and took with her an experience unlike any other that has influenced her practice in a profound way since then. 

Alla Koren completed her articles in the years 1993 and 1994 with a progressive practice law firm of Swadron & Associates. She worked closely with Barry Swadron who is one of the leading minds in the legal profession, especially in the area of mental health law. The dedicated, wise, tireless and inspiring instruction and direction of an articling principle like Barry Swadron remains with Alla Koren in her practice to date. She continues to draw from the wisdom of her articling principal to date, even after many years of operating her own law office. She also continues to be inspired by the quest for justice, tireless representation of her clients in the pursuit of a fair and equitable result and the dedicated approach to each client's issue.

Alla Koren operated an office in Toronto for the first 7 years of her practice. In the year 2002, she relocated to Richmond Hill, where her office remains to date. The current location facilitates the sizable Russian speaking community in the area of York Region.

The current practice of Alla Koren is focused on family law. She is qualified and able to appear in any court in Ontario and has, in fact, appeared in many diverse locations in different regions of Ontario, ranging from the obvious home location of the Newmarket Court, or downtown Toronto court to the more remote Northern, Eastern or Western communities of Ontario. 

A large percentage of the client base of Alla Koren's law office relies on their ability to communicate with everyone at the office in the Russian language.

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